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It is time for Healthcare to invest in wireless

The Wireless LAN

Industry analysts estimate that only 5% of the nation's 6000-or-so hospitals have ventured into the wireless LAN arena with applications involving two or more wireless access points. That number is not much higher for outpatient care. Faster and cheaper wireless products will leave healthcare facilities and providers without any excuse to use such technologies. With properly implemented wireless technologies, healthcare executives are able to maintain and even enhance quality of care while managing costs and fighting increased competition in a growing managed care environment. Patients are moved quickly through the care process with exceptional satisfaction, reimbursements are expedited, mistakes are minimized, and staff utilization is optimized.

Point of Care Applications

Wireless point of care applications enable all healthcare care providers to access and modify information collected on the patient, from admission, diagnostics, physical exams, prescription, care administration, to discharge. Less time is spent managing paper based patient records. Ultimately, this positively impacts quality of care. A mobile point of care application allows all healthcare providers to easily schedule medical procedures. Mobile point of care applications also allows all medical procedures performed, medicine consumed, and supplies used, be automatically tagged to individual patients for more accurate medical records and billing.

Improved quality of care

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