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Patient Encounter of the Future

The patient enters the healthcare process with more knowledge

Preparing for the visit

With the preceding technologies in place, the following illustrates how a patient might experience a more efficient healthcare process.

Step 1. New patients are enrolled in a health plan and choose a PCP if required, all on the Web.
A. The patient then goes again to the Web for provider and facility quality reports, reads satisfaction surveys, reviews provider credentials, and checks for any medical liability judgments or disciplinary actions.

Step 2. The patient arrives at the physician's waiting room after making an appointment using a scheduling application on the Web. Insurance benefits and "reason for visit" are confirmed at the same time.
A. The patient uses a smart card to "login" at a kiosk acting as a receptionist.
B. The kiosk confirms contact information with the patient and insurance information with the payor.
1. A Bluetooth enabled wireless phone or PDA could also be used to login.
2. The office is notified that the patient is ready

Step 3. The physician's wireless Internet device (handheld tablet) has access to all medical records of the patient, depending on patient choice, including the following:
A. Prior primary care physician visits.
B. All specialist or other ancillary provider visits and hospital records.
C. A complete drug prescription history.
D. Any diagnostic digital images.

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