eHealth Strategies for the Continuum of Care  


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Patient Encounter of the Future

Improving the Physician-Patient relationship

Patients and Providers are connected

Step 7. Additional tests are ordered: labs, imaging, etc.
A. The system prompts the physician with alternatives and cost comparisons.
B. The lab results are instantly available to the physician by email alert and/or voice mail.
C. The patient's EMR is automatically updated.

Step 8. Specialist referral is approved by the payor in real time.
A. A patient visit with the specialist is scheduled electronically.
B. Relevant patient records and registration information are now electronically available to the specialist.

Step 9. Patients receive via email educational information from these physicians.
A. Follow-up questions by both the patient and doctor are also handled by the physician's office via email.
B. Home monitoring devices can be controlled or maintained by nursing staff.

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