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eHealth Strategy by Physicians, for Physicians

A physician owned eHealth Services organization

"If the health care industry doesn't move quickly to automate, there are politicians in Washington that are itching to have the government regulate all aspects of the market for electronic records."

David Brailer, M.D., national health information technology coordinator at the Department of Health and Human Services

To elimate confusion and establish trust in the emerging eHealth technologies, a physician owned eHealth Services organization should exist to promote the efficient and intelligent use of emerging Internet technologies by physicians, and all of the participants in the continuum of care.

The internet has changed the way we disseminate information, gain knowledge, and provide healthcare. Even though the healthcare industry has yet to fully realize the potential of the Internet, the Web is only the beginning. Several emerging technologies will be changing the rules again. Network device connectivity technologies will network-enable all healthcare devices. Together with faster, new wireless technologies, new devices will be designed, and the adoption rate of mobile, handheld computers in healthcare will grow feverously. Intelligent, autonomous, software agents that guide the patient through the continuum of care, will extend the reach of healthcare providers to all places at all times. Web services will integrate the information systems of all those involved in the continuum of care. This website will discuss these new concepts, and how they might be applied in healthcare.