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3G Wireless

3G Wireless

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3G Wireless Technologies

Current wireless data services operate at no more than 14.4Kbps, not even close to the bandwith required for running Internet-based applications. The 3G specification will offer speeds between 384Kbps and 2Mbps. This opens up the availability for multimedia services, including videoconferencing and streaming video. Broadband wireless is particularly useful for echocardiograms and ultrasound because the images are moving and, therefore, require more bandwith. High-speed wireless will aid in the developing of technology for remote monitoring of chronically ill patients who convalesce at home. Many new medical devices, including pacemakers and home kidney-dialysis machines, now offer Web interfaces that let doctors collect data on a patient's condition without requiring an office or hospital visit. Because 3G will require wireless vendors to rebuild their infrastructure, most will offer an interim solution called 2.5G. This technology will potentially enable speeds of 144Kbps, enough to start development of advanced wireless healthcare services.

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