eHealth Strategies for the Continuum of Care  

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Emerging Solutions 1

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Digital Doctor

One example of this is a technology being developed by A DigitalPatientTM is able to receive tailored e-mail communications created from information that only their DigitalDoctorTM knows, based on data derived from office visits that reflect diagnoses, prescribed medications or procedures and treatment plans. All messages are summarized, and archived, on a Personal Home Health page that a DigitalPatientTM can personalize based on their own interest and needs. On their Personal Home Health Page a DigitalPatientTM can create links to other web sites, medical journals, news or publications of interest - even their DigitalDoctorTM practice web site. In addition, any system that collects vital signs and monitors compliance with a care protocol makes patients partly responsible for their own care, which should speed recoveries.


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